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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Should You Sell Your Home Now - After Early 2016 Market Downturn

Early 2016 Market Downturn - is the worst yet to come?

Early 2016 heralded a sharp downturn in the financial markets resulting in a precipitous fall in stock values. Most, if not all, top performing stocks that were rated "Buy" by analysts, came crashing down like a house of cards erasing investor's values, with each passing day bringing more doom and gloom. Trillions of dollars in total worth of investor money has vanished in a short span of time. News from globally relevant and critical economies like China showing slowing growth plus lopsided debt situation without an accompanying market adjustment in currency values, brought more uncertainty and volatility in stock and commodity markets. Almost all asset classes, especially oil, have seen a rapid erosion of their market valuations. 

How will the stock downturn impact housing market? 

Home Buyers, especially in the Bay Area, save up a part of their money for down payment through their savings bank accounts. Those savings bank deposits have been offering negligible interest rates for over 8 years ever since the Feds brought in the easy money policy with near zero interest rates, to revive the US economy from the iron grip of the recession. The flip side of this policy was that savings resulted in little growth with low interest returns. The only way to get capital growth was to invest in the stock markets or in other asset classes such as Gold, Real Estate especially in early 2010 through 2014. While there are vast numbers of home buyers in the Bay Area, a large number of them have been priced out of the market due to the rapid and almost crazy rise in home prices in sought-after neighborhoods and cities. Home buyers preferred building up their capital growth for down payments, through stock market investments particularly in rapid growth technology stocks. 

With the recent erosion of the stock values, many buyers will now have lower and lower amounts at their disposal to put a down payment for a home in their desired neighborhood. Many may have to hold back and wait for the stock market to regain its growth. Many other buyers tell me that they are beginning to shift their focus away from their desired neighborhoods(s) to others that are less desired but more affordable within their (now-reduced) capacity for down payment. 

Should Homeowners Sell Now? 

Should homeowners sell now ?
Should homeowners sell now with home buyer investments losing value?
The answer is an emphatic yes if you were thinking of selling. If you were/are on the fence as to whether to sell, this is your chance to still cash in on the peak values that the past few years of rapid rise in prices have provided. Remember hot markets don't last forever. Remember also, that a significant portion of the home buying in the past 3-4 years was driven by cash buying from overseas investors particularly from China. With the rapid crash in their stock values, the number of overseas buyers is very likely to drop soon. Local buyers will have lower money at their disposal to make very high priced offers. This is your chance to get the good returns while they last before the housing market slows down too. 

How Can I help? 

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