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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Learn Everything About Home Buying Process

Learn Everything About Home Buying Process: Doing Your Homework Pays
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Doing Your Home Work About Real Estate Buying Pays!

Learn everything you need to know about home buying before you embark on your searching for your dream home. Having more information than less will ensure your success. 
When I meet buyers at open houses or at my office, I determine how aware my clients are about the buying process. My success entirely depends on my clients’ success, and towards this end, I make sure that the more informed you are about home buying, the more you know what to expect, and have an enjoyable experience.
Here are some things I would highly recommend you do, to better prepare for a smooth home buying experience:
  1. Determine how much home you can afford. Make sure you have a good FICO credit score. Hire a Mortgage broker/lender to secure a Pre-Approval for a loan if you are not an all-cash buyer. This is a full loan pre-approval and is not a pre-qualification. I can put you in touch with mortgage lenders/brokers to get your pre-approval with good loan options.
  2. Determine how much down payment you can put in. Typically, a down payment of 20% of home value is expected in the current market.
  3. Know what your monthly payments will be ahead of time. Consider Principal, Interest, Property Taxes, Insurance, HOA dues, if any, and plan your cash flow.
  4. Always provide for a significant buffer in your savings beyond the down payment to help overcome any post-purchase expenses and living costs.
  5. Gather information on target neighborhoods in the price range. Factor in commute, schools, amenities, crime rate, safety, and housing trends in the locality. As your Realtor, I monitor many areas and will help you narrow down your search.
  6. Hire and commit to a real estate agent (a buyer’s agent). As your Realtor, I will work with your needs, your budget, your conveniences, and your preferences. You are the focus here.
  7. Come up with a list of features that you must have in a house you’d call home. Add to it, a list of features that are nice-to-haves but not critical to the purchase. This can significantly speed up your home selection, as not all homes are 100% perfect. Think about what features you’d give up in preference for other features. Make notes as you visit houses for crucial details in terms of future expenses.
  8. Understand the Escrow Process from your Realtor. As your Realtor, I will be there with you throughout the purchase process to educate you on critical process steps, and help you make informed decisions.
  9. Learn all about the offer process, counter offers, contingencies, inspections, purchase contract, mortgage funding timelines, documentation, home insurance, home warranties, and much more. As your Realtor, I will commit to helping you by educating you on all these aspects. Also watch for this blog space for educational articles on these critical steps to get your home. 

Author Ranjana Shreedhar, Realtor:

If you are planning to Sell your house, learn how to make the most for your house in this market and to attract the best offers for your valuable property. Call me for a no-obligation evaluation, and a listing presentation at 408-861-8026.
My goal is to make the sale of your home smooth, successful, and worry-free, with my core marketing skills, integrity, and exceptional service! 

If you are in the market to buy your dream home, learn how I can help you find your dream home, and be there for you throughout the purchase process. My goal is to make you a happy and proud homeowner.
If you or any of your friends are in the market to sell or buy a home in the Bay Area, I'd be delighted to help you or your friends, as the case may be, achieve your real estate goals with exceptional service, high integrity, and market savvy. 

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