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Cupertino Real Estate - Recent Home Sales Trends - Feb 2014

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How hot is Sunnyvale's Old Orchard Area real estate market? Find out from this report.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Cupertino Real Estate Trends, Recent Home Sales - Feb 2014

Cupertino Market Getting Hot and Hotter

Cupertino's housing market  has shown tremendous resilience right through housing downturns and during the recovery period. Cupertino has turned hotter during the last six months even during the winter months. 

But will it continue to be so ?  

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Don't buy or sell your home in Cupertino without going through this extremely useful information. Be prepared with more information than less.  Work with a Realtor who understand market trends inside out. Why? Pricing is the one of the most important decisions you will take in the sale of your home.

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Author Ranjana Shreedhar, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sunnyvale's Old Orchard Neighborhood Home Sales Trends

Homes in Sunnyvale, CA's Old Orchard, Cherry Chase and broader 94087 areas have been consistently selling over list price. Recent sales in the area have shown continued great demand from buyers given the low interest environment. Clients often ask me how long demand and sales over list price trends will continue. 

The answer is with the Feds. The January 2014 Federal Open Market Committee meeting minutes showed the Fed’s commitment to tapering easy money policy by $10 billion each month. They also mentioned that the first Fed rate hike might be possible towards middle of 2015 if economy continues to grow. The markets would discount this possibility much earlier. With higher interest rates, a large number of buyers will lower their target price range.
Sustained demand in our neighborhoods is expected to continue as long as interest rates stay low. For Sellers, the big advantage right now is that there are not many homes on the market and hence, could fetch handsome gains.  A Golden Opportunity you don't want to miss! 

And if you are concerned about trading up to buy another home, I specialize in move-up buyers as well to get you your next dream home leveraging my industry contacts.

Now let's take a look at the trends. The graphic below shows you what List Price range attracts the most extra dollars in the Sale Price. The $1 million to $1.2 million range attracted the most over the last 6 months going back from Jan 2014 to Aug 2013. The rest of the ranges show interesting fact that upto $1.6 million range, most homes sell over the list price. Note these are averages and your milage may vary. 

Sunnyvale Old Orchard Neighborhood Price Per Sq Ft Trend
Sunnyvale Old Orchard Neighborhood Price Per Sq Ft by List Price Range (Avg six months)

The Trend below shows the price per square feet in the Old Orchard neighborhood. Over the last couple of years, the price per sq ft average has jumped from around the low $500s to above $700 per sq ft indicating a very hotly in-demand location due to its closeness to all amenities and top Silicon Valley employers such as Google, Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn and many more. 

Sunnyvale Old Orchard Neighborhood Price Per Sq Ft Trend
Sunnyvale Old Orchard Neighborhood Price Per Sq Ft Trend 
Here are the most recent home sales in Sunnyvale's Old Orchard neighborhood. A cursory glance shows you how hot the market it in this neighborhood.

Sunnyvale Old Orchard Neighborhood Recent Home Sales
Sunnyvale Old Orchard Neighborhood Recent Home Sales

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If you are looking to sell your home in the nearby areas of Sunnyvale, this is a good time to do so given the limited number of homes on sale competing for the buyer dollars. Please give me a call at (408) 861-8026 for a no-obligation consultation to discuss selling your home.

Ranjana Shreedhar

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sunnyvale 94087 Real Estate Market Trends, Recent Home Sales updated to March 2013

Just a quick note to readers that I have just updated the Sunnyvale 94087 Real Estate Market Trends and Recent Home Sale Blog Entry with statistics, charts and analysis upto end of February 2013.
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Author Ranjana Shreedhar, Realtor:

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cupertino Real Estate Market Trends, Recent Sales Updated for March 2013

Just a quick note to readers that I have updated the Cupertino Real Estate Market Trends And Recent Home Sales Blog Entry with March 2013 statistics, charts, and analysis.

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Author Ranjana Shreedhar, Realtor:

If you are planning to Sell your house, learn how to make the most for your house in this market and to attract the best offers for your valuable property. Call me for a no-obligation evaluation, and a listing presentation.
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Saratoga CA Real Estate Market Trends and Recent Sales

Saratoga Real Estate Market Gathers Strength in early 2013

Saratoga Real Estate Market Trends: Avg # of Days On Market vs Sale Price To List Price Ratio in %
Saratoga Real Estate : Avg # of Days On Market vs Sale Price To List Price Ratio in % *
*Source: MLS Listings : Data considered reliable but not guaranteed to be accurate. 

The real estate market in Saratoga, CA typically consists of relatively large homes with large lots, amidst picturesque backing of the Santa Cruz mountains. Most homes here, are priced well over the million dollar mark. The city streets are designed to smoothly transition into one another giving it an upscale and streamlined look besides the green verdant landscape and beautiful homes that are part of Saratoga. Saratoga is considered to be an upscale part of Silicon Valley. Saratoga has some of the best schools while many neighborhoods in Saratoga are in the Cupertino School District.

The Saratoga real estate market has seen some great demand over last year with most houses selling within weeks except for a few that stayed in the market for many months. As a result, the Average Days on Market trend is a bit skewed towards the higher end. 
That said, the above chart shows a fairly active market for Saratoga in February 2013 wherein, the Average Days on Market number (Red line) was down to 37 from a high 69 in January 2013. The Average Sale Price Over List Price Ratio (Blue columns) shows an premium of 101% over List Price in February 2013, indicating that some houses were selling over list price. However, many houses in Saratoga are selling around List Price, particularly the ones that have stayed in the market for a while. These numbers are comparable to April 2012 timeframe when the Saratoga real estate market had begun picking up steam with low inventories. During subsequent months last year, we saw better inventory coming in, keeping prices relatively stable.

Saratoga Real Estate Recent Home Sales

Here are some recent home sales in Saratoga, CA with the List Price shown in Blue and Sales price shown in Green when homes sold over List Price and shown in Red when homes sold below List Price.

If you are planning to sell your home and are looking for your home's specific Price analysis, please do not hesitate to contact me at (408) 861-8026

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Author: Ranjana Shreedhar, Realtor

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sunnyvale 94087 Real Estate Trends : Why Now Is the Time To Sell Your Home

Why Now Is A Unique Time To Sell in Sunnyvale 94087

Last Updated : May 2013

The housing inventory all over Santa Clara County was close to the lowest in the County’s recent history with January 2013 seeing just 852 homes on sale. The county had lowest number of listings in early 2000 with just 692 homes on sale. The inventory situation situation has steadily improved with more homes coming into the market given the rapid surge in demand and home prices.  Sunnyvale’s 94087 zip code area is no exception. This is a hotly sought-after neighborhood and all categories of homes sell well within days as long as these are attractively and appropriately priced

Sunnyvale 94087 real estate market area shows a trend favoring Home Sellers
Sunnyvale 94087 real estate market area shows a trend favoring Home Sellers

Is This Your Opportunity To Sell?

I present above, the trend lines of two very interesting pieces of data averages: Active Inventory + Pending Sales, and Price Per Sq. Ft. These two datasets represent the supply and demand side, respectively, and reflect the impact of one on another on average.

From 2010 to 2011, the Price Per Sq Ft trend line for Single Family Homes responded only slightly to a bigger change in Active Inventory trend line. This was largely attributable to the state of the local economy, the housing situation with large number of foreclosures, and sluggish growth in the local job market.  

In 2012, the local economic recovery gained steam and led to job growth, business growth, and a rapid revival in housing demand. Low interest rates brought hordes of buyers back into the market. Foreclosure inventories dwindled down to a trickle.  

For the first time in 3 years, the price per sq ft trend reacted sharply to the lack of supply, and huge pent up demand from buyers in 2012.  Refer to the chart from Jan 2012 to Dec 2012. Sunnyvale’s 94087 areas saw a rapid climb in per sq ft price (red line) on average as inventory took a nosedive indicating a return of the price elasticity of demand with stronger correlations.  As year 2013 moved on to May '13, we see the trend continuing to around $707 per sq ft compared to $691 in Dec '12 and $624 in Jan '13. The  May '13 Price per Sq ft number is same as April while there is higher inventory now with 64 active/pending listings in May 2013, compared to just around 25 active/pending listings in Dec 2012.  The demand for homes on sale is relatively higher in the part of Sunnyvale 94087 area where the schools are part of the Cupertino Schools.  Nearby areas where top Sunnyvale schools such as Cherry Chase and Cumberland schools are located also saw rapid relative Per Sq Ft Price increases from their prior levels. 

This is a time when homeowners who have hitherto been waiting for the right time should recognize the potential for gains in a market seeing short supply of homes and high demand.  

What could dampen this trend?

The current situation appears to have over heated the market and may possibly not stay for long as rapid & steep price rises are never long lasting.  All it requires is a catalyst such as a tapering of the Quantitative Easing Policy of the Federal Reserve, leading to rapid rise in interest rates (which have been creeping up a lot these days), thereby pricing out some of the marginal competitive buyers from the market leading to a fall in the crazy demand and eventually some softening of the prices if not a fall.

Homeowners waiting to sell thus far will put their homes on sale in coming months, given the high per sq. ft. prices, thus leading to better supply and more choices for buyers. As supply meets demand, or as interest rates move up, we can expect to see prices getting back to an equilibrium level

If you are thinking of selling your Sunnyvale home, 

NOW is that great opportunity!

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Real Estate Tip: Red Flags In Preliminary Title Report

Look Out For These Warning Signs In The Preliminary Title Report 

Avoid Problems Prior To Or At Close of Escrow

Avoid Real Estate Title Deed Problems Before Close Of Escrow
Picture Credit:
Problems with or related to the title deed/home ownership status can mar a smooth sale transaction unless these are identified early and addressed right at the outset. A variety of issues can be possible as outlined below so your best bet is to have these rectified early in sale / purchase to avoid problems, delays, frustration, and desperate situations for you, either as a Home Seller or a Home Buyer. As your Real Estate Agent I will help you with any of the following issues but read on to educate yourself about these.


If the name on the title deed is different from the seller signatures in the purchase contract, you need to find out why. Determine if the seller actually has the right to sell or sign on behalf of the name on the title deed. 


Look to see if  payments are current.  Be sure that all special assessments have been disclosed to the buyer. If payments are not made, the county holds lien on the property for the taxes owed. Ensure this is covered prior to closing. 


Deeds of Trust that are paid off but are not reconveyed require a reconveyance from the trustee or a court order to remove it from the record.  Find out through your realtor if the seller understands that such loans or financial commitments affect his property.


Judgments and Liens may be eliminated with an identity affidavit or an SI, commonly known as STATEMENT OF INFORMATION / CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION STATEMENT,  if they do not affect the party in question.  If they do affect the party but have been paid and not satisfied, a release or satisfaction must be obtained and recorded or filed to eliminate these matters.


A civil action affecting real property will generally have to be dismissed or withdrawn before title to the land can be insured.  A pending divorce may not need to be finalized for a sale or loan to close, however there may be special requirements.  A probate may have specific requirements.  Please check with your Title Sales Representative or Title Officer for details. 


Roads, driveways, party walls, and access easements may be affected by joint maintenance agreements which may require future payments for general maintenance purposes.  

The title report will show such agreements if one is of record.  Be sure to request a full copy of the maintenance agreement read it.


The legal description should always be compared to the map attached to the preliminary title report.  Be sure that all the property being conveyed has been included in the preliminary title report.  


If the seller/owner is behind in his/her payments and has received a notice of default, the sale date may be set three months after the date of notice of default as that is the timeframe given to the seller to "cure" the default.


The sale date has been set. This recorded document contains the date, time and place of this sale.  If you are the purchaser in this transaction you should verify for yourself that the COE (Close of Escrow) date is scheduled prior to the  date of that sale, or that the sale date has been postponed.

As your Realtor, one of the many services I bring to you is the ability to analyze the Preliminary Title Report in detail in consultation with Escrow professionals. My team of professional service providers includes very experienced Escrow officers who complement my real estate expertise to help you avoid such situations and more. 

Please give me a call at (408) 861-8026 for all your real estate needs, whether you are in the market to Buy or Sell your home. 

Republished with permission from Candice Francisco, Cornerstone Title Company

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sunnyvale Real Estate 94087 - Recent Home Sales, Latest Market Trends

Sunnyvale 94087 Real Estate Market In Hot Demand

Last updated: May 30 2013 - Want to be notified of updates? Subscribe to this blog by entering your email on the Subscribe box. 

Single Family Homes are in great demand

Sunnyvale's 94087 Real Estate Market:  Average Days On Market (DOM) And Sales Price To List Price Ratio for Single Family Homes
Sunnyvale's 94087 real estate market in May 2013 is looking as hot as prior months in that the demand trend shows that buyers are very competitively bidding up limited properties although the number of properties available has gone up somewhat. In the above chart, the red bars show the Average Days on Market (DOM) for single family homes in the Sunnyvale 94087 Real Estate area. In May 2013, houses stayed on market for an average of only 10 days in this area. In prior months, the number was only slightly higher.  Clearly, this area has some exemplary demand that is yet to be satiated. 

Sunnyvale's 94087 real estate area inventory is still fairly low with few houses coming on sale in May - there were only 64 Active  +  Pending listings on average in May.  As a result, buyers are still clamoring for the few houses.

Many of the buyers have been putting in offers for months, only to be outbid by other more aggressive offers including all-cash buyers.  Houses are selling at very significant premiums  over List Price.
The demand trend can be extrapolated from the Sales Price Over List Price Ratio in the above chart (the blue line). This ratio is at 113% over list price in February 2013 which means that houses are going at significantly higher premiums (13% in May '13) over List price.

How did Sunnyvale 94087 Zip Code Area Townhomes and Condos perform? 

Sunnyvale's 94087 Real Estate Market:  Average Days On Market (DOM) And Sales Price To List Price Ratio for Townhomes and Condos
Following a similar trend as the Single Family Homes, the sales of Townhomes and Condominium units also exhibit a hot demand trajectory.  In the above chart, the red bars represent the Days on Market numbers for each month. In May 2013, Townhomes and Condos were on real estate market for just around 13 days on average while in prior months they were in the market for even lesser number of days. The March 2013 Days on Market number is somewhat anomalous as the 29 days seems abnormal and may have been contributed by an outlier or a mistake.

The Sales Price to List Price Ratio (blue line in the chart) reflects the hot demand in this segment of the market. In May 2013, Townhomes and Condominiums sold on average 10.10% above list price while in prior months they sold slightly lower or much higher ( refer to the values reflected in the blue line chart for prior months). Clearly the days of real estate selling for less than list price are long gone.

Important message for Sunnyvale 94087 homeowners :

This is an absolutely fantastic time to sell your home given the very limited inventory and high demand. But interest rates have moved up rapidly - in just a month. This may move buyers off market or bring down demand. 

Call me for a free evaluation of your home and get the benefits of the current hot market with a quick sale. Call (408) 861-8026

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Why is Sunnyvale, particularly 94087, real estate area preferred by Buyers?

Sunnyvale's 94087 area has great schools, amenities, public safety, top Silicon Valley employers, and freeways all of which are very desirable features that buyers look for.

Another factor that plays into this market and overall Sunnyvale is the fact that Apple has started construction of its new Sunnyvale office in the erstwhile post-office location. Apple has taken 1.06 million square feet of Sunnyvale space since January 2011. Here are some  of Sunnyvale locations Apple has acquired:*

  • 156,000-square-foot office building at South Mathilda and West McKinley avenues in the Sunnyvale Town Center.
  • 224,000 square feet in the Sunnyvale Research Center on East Arques Avenue.
  • 108,712 square feet at a two-building campus owned by Peery-Arrillaga on 975 and 995 Benecia Ave.
* Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal

In addition to Apple's entry into Sunnyvale, Google will soon be moving into their new leased office near Mathilda and Moffet Field lending more attractiveness to Sunnyvale overall but particularly the localities with good schools which the 94087 zip code area has. The demand in this area is also a spill over effect from Cupertino where prices are at much higher levels and hence families looking to get into good school areas, tend to look in this area as an alternative.

Thinking of Selling Your Home? 

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Author: Realtor Ranjana Shreedhar (408) 861-8026

Friday, December 7, 2012

Immaculate Single Family Home For Sale in Santa Clara - 2612, Cabrillo Ave

UPDATE: This property is Sold. Thank you for your interest in this property. Do not hesitate to call me for buying your dream home or selling your property for top dollar returns. 

A great investment opportunity awaits you. 
Here's my latest listing: A beautiful, charming 3BR/2BA home with a large lot (for future expansion or just memorable lifestyle) in a quiet court location and a great neighborhood! Close to schools, parks and amenities. Located in an area that will likely see home values grow more and more as the economy picks up and large technology bell-weather companies like Apple construct new offices within a few minutes driving distance. Here's what this house offers: 
  • Features separate living and family room and large eat-in kitchen
  • Fully remodeled kitchen with cherry finish cabinets + marble tiled floors + granite countertop & backsplash + recessed ceiling lights
  • Beautiful hardwood floors throughout the house
  • 1207 SQ FT home. 6825 SQ FT lot
  • 440 SQ FT additional/bonus room, NOT included in sq footage of home
  • Fresh indoor paint 
  • Double pane windows 
  • Large backyard with lots of mature fruit trees
  • Large front and side yard. Front yard has new lawn
  • Sprinkler system
  • Easy access to freeways and shopping
Photos and more info on the listing: or

For Further Details, Disclosures, Offers, Contact Listing Agent : Realtor Ranjana Shreedhar at (408) 861-8026

You can contact me through through the handy contact form on this page.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The 3.8% Obama Care Tax from 2013. Will It Impact Your Real Estate Sale?

Beginning January 1, 2013, a new 3.8 percent tax on some investment income will take effect. Since this new tax will affect some real estate transactions, it is important for home sellers to clearly understand the tax and how it could impact a real estate sale from 2013 onwards.
Note that this tax WILL NOT be imposed on all real estate transactions, a common misconception. Rather, when the legislation becomes effective in 2013, it may impose a 3.8% tax on some (but not all) income from interest, dividends, rents (less expenses) and capital gains (less capital losses). The tax will fall only on individuals with an adjusted gross income (AGI) above $200,000 and couples filing a joint return with more than $250,000 AGI. The tax is not payable at close of escrow, but is due at the end of the tax year, if applicable.

The new tax applies to the LESSER of
  •  Investment income amount
  •  Excess of AGI over the $200,000 (for individual filers) or $250,000 amount (for joint filers)
Here are a couple of example scenarios: 

Capital Gain: Sale of a Principal Residence

J and M sold their principal residence for a gain of $550,000
They have $325,000 Adjusted Gross Income (before taxable gain)

The tax applies as follows :
AGI Before Taxable Gain  $325,000
Gain on Sale of Residence$550,000
Taxable Gain (Added to AGI)$50,000 ($550,000 – $500,000*)
New AGI $375,000 ($325,000 + $50,000 taxable gain)
Excess of AGI over $250,000$125,000 ($375,000 – $250,000)
Lesser Amount (Taxable)$50,000 (Taxable gain)
Tax Due $1,900 ($50,000 x 0.038)
* Capital Gains Tax-Free Limit Filing Jointly

If J and M had a gain of less than $500,000 on the sale of their residence, none of that gain would be subject to the 3.8% tax. Whether they paid the 3.8% tax would depend on the other components of their $325,000 AGI

Sale of a Second Home with No Rental Use

The Bridgers own a vacation home that they purchased for $275,000. They have never rented it to others. They sell it for $335,000. In the year of sale they also have earned income from other sources of $225,000.

The tax applies as follows:              
Gain on Sale of Vacation Home$60,000($335,000 – $275,000)
Income from Other Sources$225,000
New AGI$285,000($60,000 + $225,000)
Excess of AGI over $250,000$35,000($285,000 – $250,000)
Capital Gain$60,000
Lesser Amount (Taxable)$35,000(AGI excess)
Tax Due$1,330($35,000 x 0.038)

Note: If the Bridgers rent the home for 14 or fewer days in the course of a year, the rental income is non-taxable and the results in the year of sale will be the same as shown above. If the rental period exceeds 14 days in any year, then the rental income (less expenses) will be taxable and AGI would include not only the capital gain, but also some amount that is depreciation recapture.

Disclaimer: This educational article is intended to provide you helpful information and useful examples, and not to provide tax advice. As always, it is best to consult your tax professional for your specific circumstance. 

Author Ranjana Shreedhar, Realtor:

I am Your Realtor for Your Real Estate Success. If you are planning to Sell your house, pricing it right is the most important first step.  Call me for a no-obligation evaluation of your home, at 408-861-8026.
My goal is to make you successful through a quick sale of your home bringing my core price setting skills, marketing skills, integrity, and exceptional service! 

If you are in the market to Buy your dream home, I can help you find the right home, and be there for you throughout the transaction. 
If you or any of your friends are in the market to sell or buy a home in the Bay Area, I'd be delighted to help you or your friends, as the case may be, achieve your real estate goals with exceptional service, high integrity, and market savvy. 

Contact me through Email or on phone (408)861-8026 or through the handy contact form on this page.