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Sunday, October 18, 2015

7 Home Seller Tips To Sell Big In the Fall Season

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It probably comes as no surprise to most people that the Bay Area housing market has been hot over the last three years, especially for sellers. The limited inventory of homes for sale in many real estate areas such as Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Saratoga, Santa Clara, Mountain View, and more, combined with solid demand from buyers, tilted the market in the seller’s favor. In our local communities, it has been fairly routine to see multiple offers for homes and bids over the asking price.

But even in this kind of a market, sellers can still get the short end of the stick if they aren’t careful. As we enter the fall home buying season, listing your home right now may be a great idea given the healthy demand for properties. But it is important to take certain steps to help make the home selling process go more smoothly and to enable you to get the best results possible.

Here are a few home seller tips that will help:

1. Pick a highly qualified real estate professional to get the job done. Selling is a big decision with significant financial and emotional components. It can pay to find a professional REALTOR® with experience in your area and a thorough knowledge of the market and selling strategies. As a seasoned REALTOR®, I can help ease the work and stress that goes into selling a home and help you achieve your goals.

Home Seller Tip: Putting yourself in the buyer's shoes
will help you present your home in its best appearance
2. Be the buyer. We all think our home is great. After all, it’s where we live and have created so many memories. But when you think about how to price and show your home, it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer and be a bit pickier about your home’s appearance. Critically assess how your home compares to other homes in your area and ask yourself what would you be willing to pay for it if you had others to choose from?

3. Don’t push your luck on pricing. It’s natural to think that anyone who enters your home during an open house or other broker showings would be willing to pay top dollar. However, pricing a home too high above the current market could turn away buyers and increase the possibility that the home will sit on the market for a longer period of time. Depending upon the market, you may end up having to lower the asking price at a later point in time to be able to sell.

4. Too low of a price can backfire, too. Listing your home below market price may draw in more potential buyers and may increase the possibility that you will receive multiple offers. However setting the asking price too much below the current market comes with some risks as well. You might not get as many offers as you think, and the best offer might be lower than you had planned. Buyers might also become skeptical about buying a home that is listed well below the rest of the market.

5. Keep an eye on the competition. Going to other open houses can give you a better sense of how your home compares to others on the market. Looking at the upgrades in their kitchens, the amenities throughout their home, and the size of their yards can help you gauge where your home fits in the local market spectrum.

Home Seller Tip: Making a good first impression ensures
Buyers will make good offers and the home will sell fast.

6. Make a good first impression. Help homebuyers imagine themselves living in your home by taking down family photos and mementos, removing large or clunky furniture, and generally decluttering your home. Consider using a professional stager who can clear out the clutter and find just the right furniture for each room. Don’t forget to clean up the yard, prune back bushes, and plant attractive flowers. Even in a seller’s market, making the right impression can help get a better price.

7. The Right Offer: The highest offer isn’t always the best offer. It may be tempting to simply accept the highest offer for your home in a multiple offer situation, but sometimes it’s better to go with a lower one depending upon the other terms in the offer. All cash buyers and those with very large down payments who have been pre-approved for the loan balance may be stronger candidates to be able to actually close. Additionally, buyers who take your needs into account in their offer, such as allowing you to retain possession of the property for a short period of time after escrow closes may be providing a better over-all proposal for your needs.

This may be a great time to sell your home, but there are ways of making the most of the opportunity in this market.

If you have been thinking about selling your home, I’m ready to help. Please give me a call or email me today and we’ll get started!

Realtor Ranjana Shreedhar
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Monday, August 24, 2015

Sunnyvale, CA Neighborhood Real Estate Market Update Aug 2015

As summer begins to wind down, Sunnyvale's 94087 neighborhood real estate market continues with its resilient demand and brisk sales. Although Sunnyvale's rise in home prices has resulted in a slight drop in number of offers, Sunnyvale homes are selling with multiple offers within a week to ten days on average. 

The table below shows recent home sales in Sunnyvale CA from May ’15 to early August ’15 in the 94087 neighborhoods. One can notice that the gap between List Price and Sales Price has come down a bit, as list prices have moved up. Sunnyvale real estate is a much sought-after and desired area given its close proximity to employers, all amenities, highways, and arterial roads, and superb schools. 

Recent Active Listings in Sunnyvale, CA have shown a trend to stay a bit longer in the market. This has a direct linkage to the appropriateness of pricing. Pricing your Sunnyvale home right, is key to success in this market. Price it too high and you will have the home sitting longer. Price it too low and you may have offers around that price, leaving money you could have otherwise made.  Among the most important proven skills I have, is pricing homes in Sunnyvale right. All it would take is a call to discuss. Call me today for a free consultation!

Find out how to sell your home quickly, with top dollar offers!

Sunnyvale CA Real Estate: Sunnyvale Recent Home Sales Aug 2015
Sunnyvale CA Recent Home Sales Aug 2015

Realtor Ranjana Shreedhar
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Monday, August 10, 2015

Do Home Inspections Help You Sell Your Home?

Are inspections required?

Your home has many memories, sentiments and emotions associated with it, and reflects the hard work you’ve put in to keep it problem-free and livable. 

However, we focus most such upkeep around issues that are visible to the line of sight. 

There is a class of issues that does not present easily unless a thorough home inspection is conducted.  

As you get ready to sell your home, inspections will help you get a thorough report of the condition of your home and the extent of repairs, major or minor, and updates required to help it sell quickly. A well maintained home typically gets minor work recommended in the inspection reports, and can be fixed by the homeowner. There are exceptions though. 

Termite and pest damage can be extensive and expensive. 
Home Inspections : a valuable part of your home sale
Home Inspections : a valuable part of your home sale

Cracks in the foundation can require much work and expense. 

The roof may have reached end of life and may require a full replacement. 

The seller can choose to either do some or all of the repairs before selling the home depending on one’s capacity to carry out these. 

In the case of extensive repairs, the seller might choose to not do so but this may significantly impact the offer price for the home. It is always advisable to carry out the more egregious issues requiring fixing. 

From a buyer’s perspective, a buyer would expect that for the price paid, the home would be move-in ready and not require spending too much on major work after moving in. All buyers are in the same boat with the possible exception of investors or flippers looking for fixer-uppers, who are looking for bargains.  

What are recommended inspections?

A trio of inspections is recommended: Termite, Home, and Roof inspections.

These three inspections together cover your overall home and help you uncover the most important issues. 

I am always available to discuss more details on how to maximize returns for your home with minimal spending. 

I have extensive contacts with industry professionals and can help get all of the inspections done and connect you with repair professionals. Call today! 

How much is your home worth? Don't rely on online home estimates. Get your pricing done right!
How much is your home worth? Don't rely on online home estimates. Get your pricing done right!

Realtor Ranjana Shreedhar
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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Top Ten Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly and For Top Dollar

Before you list your valuable home on the market, consider the following low-cost actions to yield tremendous benefits for a quick and effective sale. In my experience, these have made a significant difference in the sale price of the homes I have sold.

1. Sale-ready Décor

Your home has elements, trims, and decorations to your liking and comfort, but bear in mind that prospective buyers may have their own preferences. In order to sell quickly, keep the home décor as neutral as possible. Simply put, remove all effects that reflect you. These include any personal, decorative, and faith related items, and photographs of your family.

2. Flooring 

Depending on their condition, spruce up hardwood floors with a fresh coat of polish; and for carpets, have a thorough deep cleanse done. If the carpets cannot be cleaned or are worn out, replace the carpets to yield an attractive new look for buyers. An updated home that is move-in ready fetches on average between 10-18% more than homes that are sold without being updated.

3. Plumbing 

Get your plumbing checked and fixed for leaks, especially under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Leaks under the crawl spaces are hard to find and hence important to get checked and fixed. This will save you from a negative comment on the home inspection report.

4. Open Spaces

The buyer needs to experience the space and square footage. Remove any items that add to feeling of clutter, avoid leaving bulky furniture in rooms, and allow for walls and open spaces to be seen. Buyers will not see value for the price if space cannot be experienced.

5. Super Clean Kitchen, Baths Win Buyers  

Keep your bathrooms and kitchen looking as good as new, clutter-free, and refreshed. Ensure bathtubs, sinks, and shower spaces are squeaky clean. Get a closed wastebasket for each bathroom. Ensure countertops are empty, except for a few decorative items that add to a welcoming charm.

6. Closets

If you have overflowing closets, pack them away to leave minimal contents or empty, so that prospective buyers can see the space inside the closets.

7. Curb Appeal

Ensure your driveways and backyard concrete/tiles are cleaned up. In these days of mandatory water conservation, turn the sprinkler on only on permitted days to keep lawns barely green, or replace with low maintenance native leafy and/or flowering plants. Good curb appeal sets the mood for buyers to get into the home and imagine themselves living in the house.

8. Paint 

If needed, a good coat of paint inside and outside, preferably in neutral shades, will provide the extra freshness to pull buyers into the home. This one can get you more return for a smaller cost.

9. What to do during your Open House hours ?

Buyers need to experience your home as homeowners without the presence of the current homeowner. I have had experiences where sellers stay back and this has had a psychological effect that turns off visitors, which may result in less than fantastic offers.

As your Realtor®, I represent you and your home, and will market the best selling points of your home and neighborhood most effectively. Relax and leave the marketing and selling to me.

10. Price your home right 

This is THE most important tip. Price your home right. An overpriced home will tend to sit in the market, while those around it, priced appropriately, sell quickly. Bringing down the price later may or may not get you good offers. As an experienced local Realtor® I am very well versed with the art of pricing a home, given my experience and knowledge of the local area and market trends. I am in touch with the market on a daily basis. I am here to help and guide you to arrive at a list price that will result in market demand for your home.
How much is your home worth? Don't rely on online automated estimates. Get your pricing done right!
How much is your home worth? Don't rely on online automated estimates. Get your pricing done right!

Realtor Ranjana Shreedhar
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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Do Real Estate Agents Under-Price Properties For Bidding Wars?

I frequently come across prospective buyers who hold the view that real estate agents deliberately price properties under the market to instigate a bidding war. I understand this  line of thinking, and while it is possible that this may be the case in some areas, I do have a bunch of points to make to help explain property pricing that can hopefully help. In my experience, there's a very different perspective to consider here. Many of us know this but may forget to recognize the fact that each house is different in terms of its condition, upkeep, upgrades, and location, and may not fetch the same price as the nearby house that just sold 30% over asking price, even if the house has identical square footage and lot size as yours and perhaps even has the same updated look as yours. There's a lot more to pricing a home than just size of home.  

School Boundaries

An angle to think of is school boundaries. Many homes are in a situation where crossing a certain boundary means another city's school district that may not be at the same comparable level as the sought-after school district on the other side. This means homes selling for hot prices just a block away may not mean that the same may come true to the home involved in the lower scoring school district. Many parents would give up on their list of preferences if the school district alone were to be a super stellar performer. 

Home Related Aspects

Additionally, factors such as the age of home, the level of upkeep, amount of repairs and upgrades needed to bring the home to a move-in condition, and direction of the home and resultant natural lighting, curb appeal, landscaping, etc come into play when considering pricing of a home for sale. For instance, even with all of these factors working in your favor, extraneous factors such as unsightly electric, phone and cable company wires criss crossing your home's backyard or a large electric tower close the house or a gas station close by are factors than have the potential to affect the pricing of the home. 

Sudden Market Moves

One other important factor is that pricing a home at the right level with some margin of defensiveness always protects the seller from sudden moves of the market where prices or demand moves down rapidly. For instance, in just a couple of weeks in 2014 when interest rates rose, albeit for a short period of time, many homes sold at much lower prices and with lower number of offers than anticipated premiums over list price.

Market Drivers

It is a considerable challenge for the real estate agent to price a property way lower just to attract high premiums. Its what the market will bear to offer. If there is an excess of buyers to number of homes available, bidding wars are an expected outcome. If there is significant moneys coming from international buyers, and low interest and low dollar values are the going trend, then this will over run any local demand and result in premiums. These market factors are a reality in the Bay Area. 

The Right Kind of CMA

Considering all of the above factors and more, an indepth comparative market analysis is prepared by a professional Realtor (not a standardized generated document) to present a well thought out comparison of nearby sold properties factoring in the differences, and pros and cons with respect to location, condition, schools, amenities, upkeep, etc in order to arrive at a recommended price range. I make it a point to visit all homes on sale in a neighborhood to learn everything about what is good and bad about the homes, in order to ensure easy comparisons for any upcoming listing of mine. This helps me put my best experience and expertise to work for you to price your home at a level that can attract significant interest and help sell at a good price. Even in the current sellers' market, there are some homes that are sitting for a long time specially because the pricing has not been done well. Price it appropriately and you have a winner. Don't hesitate to reach out for a friendly no obligation call.
What's your home worth? Don't rely on automated estimates. Click here to get your pricing done right!
What's your home worth? Don't rely on automated estimates. Click here to get your pricing done right!

Realtor Ranjana Shreedhar
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Saturday, April 18, 2015

West San Jose 95129 Median List Price Trends 2015 versus 2014

West San Jose 95129 real estate market shows rapidly growing price trend

West San Jose (95129) real estate area has had a great run over the last year with overflow demand from Cupertino spilling linearly across the neighborhoods, especially where schools are part of Cupertino school district. However, the demand has been strong enough to boost prices in non-Cupertino school district areas of West San Jose real estate market mainly driven by hi-tech business growth, low interest rates, lots of international buyers and low inventory. 

There are many measures and statistical dimensions to analyze trends and present them in a cogent way for you to get a sense of market's trajectory. In this blog entry I present the comparative Median List Price Trends between the first 3 months of 2015 and corresponding numbers for 2014 to get a sense of how much the market has moved in a year. 
West San Jose (95129) Real Estate Median List Price Trends
West San Jose (95129) Real Estate Median List Price Trends 
As can be seen from the above chart, the 2014 numbers were far lower in the first three months of 2014, when compared to the first three months of this year 2015. 

In Jan 2015, we saw a 50% rise in the Median List Price of homes when compared to Jan 2014.  

The price in Feb 2015 shows a significant drop from Jan 2015 by about 20% but when compared to the figures of Feb 2014, there is actually a 20% gain in Feb 2015. There can be many reasons for the same. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about this and I can tailor information for you. 

In March 2015, the Median List Price rose from Feb 2015 by another 11% to $1,450,000 thus showing a rapidly rising trend in List prices in the area.  When compared to March 2014, the rise in Median List prices is 20%.

NOTE: the above figures are LIST prices and not SALE prices which have their own interesting trend.  

We believe that the trend towards higher List prices will continue as long as low interest rates, low inventory levels and buying interest from local and international buyers continue to happen while the economy continues to grow. Unless one of these factors takes a hit, we do not anticipate a drop in prices. 

If you are looking for the sales trend numbers or would like to discuss either Selling your home in the neighborhood or buying your home/investment property in the West San Jose real estate area, please do not hesitate to contact me for a no-obligation discussion. 

I bring to you my experience and expertise in pricing, staging and home prep, negotiations, offer management, coordination with Escrow and Banks, consistent communications, and commitment to exceptional service. I help both buyers and sellers with achieving their real estate objectives. 

How much is your home worth? Don't rely on automated estimates. Click here to get your pricing done right!

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Cupertino Real Estate Median List Price Trends 2015 versus 2014

Cupertino Median List Price Trends Show Steadying Price Levels 

Cupertino's real estate market is traditionally a sellers' market - at least that has been the case for well over a decade now. Over the last 3 years, the market has seen an inflow of fairly consistent foreign buying with many cash deals. In addition the low interest rates have boosted buying demand and hence home prices have risen to record levels. Besides, Cupertino boasts of top class public schools that count among the top in California state. 

There are many ways to measure the market conditions and trajectory. In this blog entry I share the trend measured by the rate of change of List Price taking the Median. The chart below shows 2014 Median List price levels in blue and 2015 levels in green. 

Cupertino Median List Price Comparative Trend 2015 versus 2014
As can be seen, the 2014 trend showed that between Jan 2014 and Feb 2014, there was a rapid rise of 15% in List prices, and between Feb 2014 and March 2014, there was a rise of 11%.  In the current year 2015, the median list price in Jan was at $1,248,000 that, in Feb 2015, grew by a whopping 28% within a month. But in March 2015, one can see that there was some stabilization in that the median prices stayed around the same levels albeit a tad lower at $1,595,000. 

The outlook for the next few months is dependent on how interest rates move and whether high prices are sustainable in attracting more buying from overseas and local buyers. Additionally, inventory levels will play a huge role in dictating the direction of prices. If the interest rates and inventory stay low, one can expect continued rise in prices albeit by relatively smaller percentage points. 

As always, please do not hesitate to ask any questions about real estate and about your own neighborhood or home. If you are in the market to sell your home, I offer my expertise in pricing, staging and home prep, negotiations, offer management, aggressive online and offline marketing and much much more. If you are in the market to buy your home or investment property, I can make it happen for you. 

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sunnyvale 94087 Median Home List Price Trends 2015 vs 2014

Sunnyvale 94087 shows continued listing price rise

Buyers and sellers alike look for real estate pricing trends for the city of their interest especially when the city is hotly in-demand due to facilities, closeness to highways, workplaces and great schools. 

Sunnyvale's 94087 real estate area is such a hotly in-demand locality and median List prices are showing a rapidly growing trend even after two continuous years of price growth. The graphic below shows a side-by-side comparison of pricing for each month in the first quarter of 2015 versus the corresponding months in 2014. One can see that although January 2015 was a tad lower compared to Jan '14, the price trend quickly moved up to beat last year's list price trend for February and March. 
Sunnyvale 94087 Real Estate Median List Price Trend 2014 vs 2015
Sunnyvale 94087 Real Estate Median List Price Trend 2014 vs 2015
Note: The above chart is the median LIST price trend and not SALES price trend which will show a much higher median number and a higher trend. 

As always, your comments and questions on real estate are most welcome. Contact me for all your real estate needs be it to price your home to sell or to understand real estate trends in your favorite Bay Area city for investment properties or for buying your home. 

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Latest Cupertino Townhome Condo Sales Trends

Hello Readers
Cupertino real estate market's most attractive segment is the Townhome and Condominium market for good reason. First time homebuyers rely on this segment a lot to gain an entry into the world of home ownership and begin their journey to achieve there real estate dreams. From a pricing standpoint, the Cupertino Townhome and Condominium prices makes this market accessible to the buyers. How is this market segment doing? 

Lets review. For most part, the market continues to show tremendous demand even as prices have reached dizzying proportions. The thing that keeps the demand above supply levels is the supply levels itself. There is a acute shortage of homes in this segment. This segment also attracts a lot of investor interest who would eventually rent the property out. As Spring season comes in, it is hoped that more inventory will make its way making more choices available to buyers. It also means that sellers who are not yet decided on whether to sell or not, may see increased competition from more homes selling as the home selling season comes in. 

Here are recent sales of Townhomes and Condominiums in the Cupertino Real Estate Market area. 
Cupertino Townhomes and Condos Latest Sales

As can be seen, most sales are above list prices although in some cases, the homes have been on the market for a lot longer than the average days on market for Cupertino. Also notice that there have been very few homes listed and sold from September, 2014 till January 2015. 

If you are looking to sell your home, take advantage of the limited inventory to get maximum exposure to all buyers in the market. I can help you every step of the way to achieve a successful sale. Please do not hesitate to contact me at (408) 861-8026 for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the sale of your home. 

If you are in the market to buy, your decision to invest now could make a huge difference with respect to building equity and continuing to pay rent i.e paying someone else's mortgage. Historically, low interest rates are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take advantage of and to start building your equity.  I can help you select the right home for the right price without pushing you in your decisions while guiding you every step of the way. Call me at (408) 861-8026 to setup a suitable time to discuss your real estate needs. 

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Cupertino Real Estate Trends, Recent Home Sales - Feb 2014

For latest neighborhood information tailored to where you live or where you want to buy, please contact me through the Contact Ranjana tab on the right side bottom of the page. Or call me at (408) 861-8026 and I will be happy to work with you on your real estate needs. 

Cupertino Real Estate Market Status

Cupertino's housing market  has shown tremendous resilience right through housing downturns and during the recovery period. Cupertino has turned hotter during the early 2014 and even during the winter months. Recent Sales in Cupertino, number of days to sell a Cupertino home, and traffic at open houses of Cupertino homes on sale, are revealing interesting information on how much demand for homes there is in this remarkable Cupertino city.  Is demand continuing to be hot or not ?  

Get The Latest Cupertino Real Estate Market Report

Get the latest Cupertino Real Estate analytical report tailored to your home/neighborhood.  Get recent home sales trends including price per sq ft, days on market, sales price over list price, and more, based on data direct from MLS  

Don't buy or sell your home in Cupertino without going through this extremely useful information. Be prepared with more information than less.  Work with a Realtor who understand market trends inside out. Why? Pricing is the one of the most important decisions you will take in the sale of your home.

Receive latest Cupertino market analysis for your home 

From Realtor Ranjana

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If you are looking to sell your Cupertino home or in any other Bay Area city, please do not hesitate to contact me at (408) 861-8026  to get the advantages of local market expertise, negotiations, contract expertise, consistent communications, and being available to you all the time throughout the transaction. My goal is "Real Estate made Real Easy"!  

Realtor Ranjana Shreedhar
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