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Monday, August 10, 2015

Do Home Inspections Help You Sell Your Home?

Are inspections required?

Your home has many memories, sentiments and emotions associated with it, and reflects the hard work you’ve put in to keep it problem-free and livable. 

However, we focus most such upkeep around issues that are visible to the line of sight. 

There is a class of issues that does not present easily unless a thorough home inspection is conducted.  

As you get ready to sell your home, inspections will help you get a thorough report of the condition of your home and the extent of repairs, major or minor, and updates required to help it sell quickly. A well maintained home typically gets minor work recommended in the inspection reports, and can be fixed by the homeowner. There are exceptions though. 

Termite and pest damage can be extensive and expensive. 
Home Inspections : a valuable part of your home sale
Home Inspections : a valuable part of your home sale

Cracks in the foundation can require much work and expense. 

The roof may have reached end of life and may require a full replacement. 

The seller can choose to either do some or all of the repairs before selling the home depending on one’s capacity to carry out these. 

In the case of extensive repairs, the seller might choose to not do so but this may significantly impact the offer price for the home. It is always advisable to carry out the more egregious issues requiring fixing. 

From a buyer’s perspective, a buyer would expect that for the price paid, the home would be move-in ready and not require spending too much on major work after moving in. All buyers are in the same boat with the possible exception of investors or flippers looking for fixer-uppers, who are looking for bargains.  

What are recommended inspections?

A trio of inspections is recommended: Termite, Home, and Roof inspections.

These three inspections together cover your overall home and help you uncover the most important issues. 

I am always available to discuss more details on how to maximize returns for your home with minimal spending. 

I have extensive contacts with industry professionals and can help get all of the inspections done and connect you with repair professionals. Call today! 

How much is your home worth? Don't rely on online home estimates. Get your pricing done right!
How much is your home worth? Don't rely on online home estimates. Get your pricing done right!

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