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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Top Ten Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly and For Top Dollar

Before you list your valuable home on the market, consider the following low-cost actions to yield tremendous benefits for a quick and effective sale. In my experience, these have made a significant difference in the sale price of the homes I have sold.

1. Sale-ready Décor

Your home has elements, trims, and decorations to your liking and comfort, but bear in mind that prospective buyers may have their own preferences. In order to sell quickly, keep the home décor as neutral as possible. Simply put, remove all effects that reflect you. These include any personal, decorative, and faith related items, and photographs of your family.

2. Flooring 

Depending on their condition, spruce up hardwood floors with a fresh coat of polish; and for carpets, have a thorough deep cleanse done. If the carpets cannot be cleaned or are worn out, replace the carpets to yield an attractive new look for buyers. An updated home that is move-in ready fetches on average between 10-18% more than homes that are sold without being updated.

3. Plumbing 

Get your plumbing checked and fixed for leaks, especially under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Leaks under the crawl spaces are hard to find and hence important to get checked and fixed. This will save you from a negative comment on the home inspection report.

4. Open Spaces

The buyer needs to experience the space and square footage. Remove any items that add to feeling of clutter, avoid leaving bulky furniture in rooms, and allow for walls and open spaces to be seen. Buyers will not see value for the price if space cannot be experienced.

5. Super Clean Kitchen, Baths Win Buyers  

Keep your bathrooms and kitchen looking as good as new, clutter-free, and refreshed. Ensure bathtubs, sinks, and shower spaces are squeaky clean. Get a closed wastebasket for each bathroom. Ensure countertops are empty, except for a few decorative items that add to a welcoming charm.

6. Closets

If you have overflowing closets, pack them away to leave minimal contents or empty, so that prospective buyers can see the space inside the closets.

7. Curb Appeal

Ensure your driveways and backyard concrete/tiles are cleaned up. In these days of mandatory water conservation, turn the sprinkler on only on permitted days to keep lawns barely green, or replace with low maintenance native leafy and/or flowering plants. Good curb appeal sets the mood for buyers to get into the home and imagine themselves living in the house.

8. Paint 

If needed, a good coat of paint inside and outside, preferably in neutral shades, will provide the extra freshness to pull buyers into the home. This one can get you more return for a smaller cost.

9. What to do during your Open House hours ?

Buyers need to experience your home as homeowners without the presence of the current homeowner. I have had experiences where sellers stay back and this has had a psychological effect that turns off visitors, which may result in less than fantastic offers.

As your Realtor®, I represent you and your home, and will market the best selling points of your home and neighborhood most effectively. Relax and leave the marketing and selling to me.

10. Price your home right 

This is THE most important tip. Price your home right. An overpriced home will tend to sit in the market, while those around it, priced appropriately, sell quickly. Bringing down the price later may or may not get you good offers. As an experienced local Realtor® I am very well versed with the art of pricing a home, given my experience and knowledge of the local area and market trends. I am in touch with the market on a daily basis. I am here to help and guide you to arrive at a list price that will result in market demand for your home.
How much is your home worth? Don't rely on online automated estimates. Get your pricing done right!
How much is your home worth? Don't rely on online automated estimates. Get your pricing done right!

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How much is your home worth? Get a professional estimate of your home's market value


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