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Friday, April 17, 2015

Cupertino Real Estate Median List Price Trends 2015 versus 2014

Cupertino Median List Price Trends Show Steadying Price Levels 

Cupertino's real estate market is traditionally a sellers' market - at least that has been the case for well over a decade now. Over the last 3 years, the market has seen an inflow of fairly consistent foreign buying with many cash deals. In addition the low interest rates have boosted buying demand and hence home prices have risen to record levels. Besides, Cupertino boasts of top class public schools that count among the top in California state. 

There are many ways to measure the market conditions and trajectory. In this blog entry I share the trend measured by the rate of change of List Price taking the Median. The chart below shows 2014 Median List price levels in blue and 2015 levels in green. 

Cupertino Median List Price Comparative Trend 2015 versus 2014
As can be seen, the 2014 trend showed that between Jan 2014 and Feb 2014, there was a rapid rise of 15% in List prices, and between Feb 2014 and March 2014, there was a rise of 11%.  In the current year 2015, the median list price in Jan was at $1,248,000 that, in Feb 2015, grew by a whopping 28% within a month. But in March 2015, one can see that there was some stabilization in that the median prices stayed around the same levels albeit a tad lower at $1,595,000. 

The outlook for the next few months is dependent on how interest rates move and whether high prices are sustainable in attracting more buying from overseas and local buyers. Additionally, inventory levels will play a huge role in dictating the direction of prices. If the interest rates and inventory stay low, one can expect continued rise in prices albeit by relatively smaller percentage points. 

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